My Daughter, Bella

Bella was introduced to our family in 2015, a rescue dog from Claw. She is a mixed breed and when I saw her for the first time it was love at first sight. My heart was broken for her, even though I did not know the abuse she went through as a puppy when she was born. I could see and feel her pain as she always used to run away and hide from me. She was very scared and did not want contact with people even me. She made me cry because I just wanted to love her.

Today Bella is like my shadow, wherever I go she goes with me, she sleeps in my bed and yes my life and family life means nothing if I’m not covered in her hair. She is adorable and so lovable and very beautiful. She speaks lots of words of love in doggy language.

Bella knows my gift of being able to talk and understand her. We talk a lot and share a lot of secrets and it is a lot of fun doing the impossible. She loves playing hiding go seek with my slippers and my socks. She grabs it and I have to chase her until I can catch her. She is kind of sweet as she does not run fast she knows I can’t run as fast as her. As a baby she loved playing with empty bottles.

She loves her stomach being rubbed and when she agrees with me she loves giving me a high five. She is a very clever dog and knows how to sniff out her treats. I hide her treats in my hands and play which hand with her and she sniffs it out every time.

She loves her morning and afternoon walks and pretends to be so ferocious when we walk, as she is very protective over me. 

Today Bella lives for the day, the hour, even the moment.

She adopted my kitten Sylvester as her own baby and she is a very good mommy to him. They have the most adorable moments together and play from early in the morning to very late at night. They keep me awake. Being a mom is hard work for me.

Bella loves waking me up in the morning early to go to the bathroom and has a funny way of waking me up. First she stomps her feet on the floor, if I don’t respond then she starts barking one bark at a time until I am up and take her outside. Bella does not like to go to the bathroom if the grass is wet or its raining. She holds it in.

She does not like to swim and runs away from water. Bathing Bella is so much fun for me, I love the sorry face she has when she has to sit down for her bath. She likes sulking and feeling sorry for herself and knows how to make me feel like a bad mommy.

Bella my angel with a pink halo I love you so so much my daughter.

Bella my daughter
Bella playing with her bottles
She loves her stomach get rubed