My elder sister, Lea Ann, a special type of angel on earth who knows how to irritate me. Throughout my life, my sister has been there, laughing with me during good times and laughing in bad times instead of crying. She knows my naughty streaks and my best qualities such as Downie time. 

Lea Ann is my sister and lives in Durban. She works very hard but always makes time for me. As far as sisters go, she is the best there is because she is my only sister who loves my toes. She always copies me, and she is very jealous when I lose weight because she is gaining weight. 

I love doing things with my sister like yoga. Sometimes I have to be her mother as she forgets a lot and is very clumsy. I love doing shopping with her, but she irritates me when she just looks at buying shoes.

She loves my animals as much as I do, I just wish she can get her own pet and not try and steal my pets. 

We share so many moments that no one else will understand like giving her my old clothes for her extra weight. We laugh at jokes, have our own phrases, and understand each other. I can’t imagine anyone who would make a better best friend than her, and I’m so happy to have her in my life. Oh, I almost forgot I love to black mail my sis to keep her on her toes. I also like to freak my sister out. She wakes up late in the morning, so if I am up, I sit and stare at her whilst she is sleeping, then she wakes up with a fright. So my sis when you read this know I am watching and I love you very much .

Sisters time together
Samantha and Lea ann! On my birthday! That the oyster box