Pasteis de nata in Portugal

This was an amazing experience for me! To stand and watch how they make Pastels de Nata, it was very yummy and tasty! I enjoyed it very much I would go back to this restaurant! We sat and had coffee! I was standing and watching as I sipped my coffee. This was so much fun! I think this recipe can be made as a family.

The Pastels De Nata made by a puff pastry! It must go into an oven to bake first. Get two muffin cupcake tray and spray your tray with cook and bake. Then when your dough is ready, layer it on top of the trays. Get an icing bag. Put the custard into the icing bags it must be still. So it is easy to pour the custard into all the cups on your tray. The custard must get hot and easy to get out of the pan.

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