Summertime hooch drink

So it was a very hot day and I decided to have a drink when I got home from school. I opened the bar fridge and grabbed a few Hooches! I gulped them down and then went for a nap (because I was tipsy!). My mom came home from work, she opened the fridge and saw that someone had been in the fridge and took the Hooches. She got a fright and came and asked us what happened to the bottles in the fridge!

I had drunk them already and hid the empty inside the bar cupboard at the back. I then blamed my sister for taking the Hooches and drinking them. Mom shouted at my sister for taking the bottles and drinking them, she was in a lot of trouble!

The whole truth about what had happened that day, only came out much later because I was scared. It was me taking the Hooch and after I told my mom, I got into big trouble for blaming my sister this whole time. Oh my gosh! It was very funny, but my sister did not think it was funny at all.

What do you think?

This is the Hooch