Happy times with Sox and Peanut

To some our animals are our pets and to others, our children. Two of my very special babies past away a few years ago and I will always remember them everyday.

Sox was a Chow he was given to us as a wonderful baby and he came into all our lives! He loved playing hide and seek behind the bushes. When it came to scrapbooking, Sox used to hate going outside and was stubborn (he just didn’t want to)! He used to get upset and turn his back on me! Bathing was a difficult and funny time as he would run into the bedrooms and make himself super stiff! When I go to bed, his shadows are always by me on my bed. And in the house! Let share this happy memory of him

This is Sox

Peanut was a tortoiseshell cat! Peanut was also given to us like a wonderful baby that someone didn’t want anymore! Peanut and Sox grew up together and Peanut was often a big bully but would land up cleaning Sox every day. She was by no means any sort of a normal cat. Peanut never liked things easy and used to love chasing the dogs in the street! She was fearless! Peanut and Sox used to gang up on Haadidahs and try and see if they could jump on them and scare them. It was crazy fun times!

When it was time for bed Peanut would come and sleep with me. Not on my bed, but in my bed and near my face. I would often wake up with little scratches and people would think that I scratched myself at night. I always had a yoga buddy during my sessions as Peanut would join in and take ownership of my mat.

It’s always special when your furbabies are around and I will always remember my babies.

This is Peanut