Making pancakes in the kitchen

Making pancakes is a fun event and good for any occasion. Try my favourite family recipe.

You can put cinnamon and sugar on top or lemon you all would enjoy it!

First spray your pan with cook and bake it does help! The pancakes don’t stick to pan.

The recipe for the pancakes

When the mixture is ready, use a 83 ml cup and pour your first one in the pan. Put your stove on low to medium heat, you will know when you need to turn your pancake – when all the bubbles come to the top. Then, take and egg lifter and turn your pancake over so it can cook on the other side, until brown. Take another plate and make your own cinnamon sugar. Place the pancake on the plate and sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar.

This is the pancakes when it is dune it must be golden brown that the bottom