Memories of basil

Basil is our special grandfather! He is in our hearts and also in spirit and was very good friend to other people. We took him on a holiday with us to Mozambique, he always loves going fishing and sometimes falls asleep in the chair with his brandy and coke. It was also really bas as he also falls asleep with he smokes. Basil and I love going out together to places and spur for dinner and getting doggy bag fall of bones for his dogs. Basil will always be In our hearts and always remember him. Basil and one of our friend’s went on a fishing trip than they got back, Basil fall very sick he was In the hospital he stuffed with colon. Basil hold me like a baby putting me to sleep. It was so very hard for me to let him go I cried my self to sleep when he passed away. He wanted us to put his ashes that Mauritius, which we did. When it comes to Christmas day I always take him out and put him underneath the Christmas tree, we miss him a lot!

My grandfather has so many funny names for his dogs! It was so very sad that our grandfather was gone – I loved going to the farm to him we have a lot of fun, we even play cards it was so hard to even pick up the phone and to call him to fetch me and hearing stories about him and he always makes us smile and keeping me on my feet. Basil loves putting smiles on our faces it makes us feel good about our self. Let share these memories of Basil…

Basil loves failing asleep
Basil saying OMG
He always makes us smile !
Basil always sleeps on my birthday
On fishing trip
Basil always smiling