My routine

The first thing in the morning is a cup of hot water and lemon. Then I do my exercises and after I have a glass of water then I had a bit of time I go to the shower and dressed up than I start my day

My breakfast then follows my healthy eating plan. I lost so much weight that people say to me I look wonderful! I have 125 ml fruit and yoghurt for breakfast with a cup of coffee. While having breakfast, my sister and I call each other and keep in touch every morning.

Mid-morning, 10:30am snacks. I have one slice of rye bread or a half seeded bread with cottage cheese with tomato or an egg or lunchbox cheese. You can melt the cheese on your bread as a protein. I have lunch at 1 then when it comes to mid-afternoon that 3 I clock is 3 privates with 1 tablespoon of peanut butter

My coffee
My breakfast
My snack at 10:30am
My mid-afternoon snack at 3pm