About this Blog….

“Let me start by saying this place is not about me. “Through Her Eyes” is an insight into my sister’s life. So what’s so special about her?

Probably nothing, if you have to ask her, but if you asked me, I’d say a lot! My sister has her quirks, a humorous side, great advice, and the ability to motivate my stubborn soul.

A joker at heart, convincing people to donate clothes through my “teenage pregnancy” (and no, I wasn’t pregnant!), getting my mom to believe that I drank all the Hooch’s after school (no, I was the innocent one) – cut to a decade plus later and life is anything but boring with Sam.

We created this page as a means to share some of Sam’s passion points. I wanted a place where she felt safe and comfortable to share her experiences with others.

Thank you for landing on her page and taking a moment to experience this journey with her. I hope your time here will make you laugh, smile, be inspired, relax – but mostly enjoy!

So with this said, I am going to handover to the driver of this journey – Samantha.”

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